There are now thousands of biomass heating boilers in operation in the UK, France and across Europe. These systems offer space and water heating efficiently, cost-effectively and with low carbon emissions.

Some of these boilers are not working as efficiently as they could be. That means a waste of wood fuel and money for clients, and more breakages and shutdowns for the boilers.

Optiwood is a 2-year EU project with three French Partners and one UK Partner. Our aim is to identify, through data monitoring and other work, problems and issues with boiler systems and then apply an Action Plan to improve matters.

Between us, we have selected 12 Pilot Projects from varied sectors. These are part-way through a 12-month long monitoring, training and boiler tuning phase. The Operators on each site are a key group of people we aim to support through training, information and dialogue with other sites.

Our aim is to work closely with partners at each pilot site and to exchange lessons learned in both France and the UK. Through data collection, discussions, and adjustment of the boiler systems, we are already demonstrating that efficiency improvements are possible leading to financial savings and growing confidence from the operators. In turn, this leads to reduced carbon emissions in the heating sector.

Why is Optiwood needed?

commercial and domestic biomass boilers in the UK


operating below their optimum performance level


efficiency improvements with Optiwood action plan

Optiwood benefits your biomass heating system

Environmental impact

Less fuel used and less pollution through better combustion controls and maximise fuel output.

Cost savings

Through lower fuel costs, less wear and tear on the boilers, and reduced maintenance and servicing costs.

Improved maintenance

Less time and resources required to troubleshoot and reduced need for expensive spares.